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Lower third pack 1

Table of Contents

What is a lower third?

Lower thirds are graphical overlays that are used to display information, typically at the bottom third of the screen. They can be used to display the name and title of a person being interviewed, show the title of a piece of music being played, or provide any other relevant information to the viewer. Lower thirds are a great way to make your video content look professional and polished. They not only add a layer of visual interest to your content, but they also help to convey important information to your audience. With lower thirds, you can make your content more engaging and keep your audience informed.


Lower third pack 1​ comes bundled with mimoLive® Studio and mimoLive® Broadcast licenses.

If you have a mimoLive Non-Profit license, you can purchase this add-on through the mimoLive Online Shop

Lower Thirds Pack 1 Demo Video

In this demonstration, you will witness various animation styles for the Lower Third layer. Customization options for the text include font type, size, and color, as well as adjustable background colors. Additionally, using a second line or logo is optional.

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More Information

The Lower Third Pack 1 includes the following Lower Thirds:

  • Beam Wiper
  • Hide Behind Bar
  • Hide Behind Line
  • Origami
  • Sliding Horizontally
  • Sliding Vertically
  • Vortex Push
  • Vortex Slide

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