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Date and time

Table of Contents

Display a digital date and time in your video.

Content – Date Format

The string can contain the following placeholders which will be automatically replaced by mimoLive.

%aabbreviated weekday name (e.g., Wed)
%Afull weekday name (e.g., Wednesday)
%babbreviated month name (e.g., Sep)
%Bfull month name (e.g., September)
%cdate and time (e.g., 09/16/98 23:48:10)
%dday of the month (16) [01-31]
%Hhour, using a 24-hour clock (23) [00-23]
%Ihour, using a 12-hour clock (11) [01-12]
%Mminute (48) [00-59]
%mmonth (09) [01-12]
%peither “am” or “pm” (pm)
%Ssecond (10) [00-61]
%wweekday (3) [0-6 = Sunday-Saturday]
%xdate (e.g., 09/16/98)
%Xtime (e.g., 23:48:10)
%Yfull year (1998)
%ytwo-digit year (98) [00-99]
%%the character `%´
%FFrame Count

Default String:

%A, %d %B %Y %I:%M:%S %p

Displaying the Frame Count
Use %F to display the count of the current frame. This allows you to check for frame drops in a recording.

Date and Time on the Remote Control Surface

When creating a Remote Control Surface for your mimoLive document you can add a default button layout for the Date and Time layer that includes a Live button as well as the output of the date and time specified by the format above.

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