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Picture in Picture (PIP)

Table of Contents

What is a PIP?

The Picture-in-Picture (PIP) effect is a great way to overlay one video or image over another, typically in a smaller frame. It’s a popular technique for adding commentary to a video, showing two angles of the same scene, or for instructional videos where you might show a presenter alongside their presentation slides.

Screenshot 2023 08 08 at 22.39.19

Introduction to PIP

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) is a versatile effect that allows you to overlay a smaller video or image on top of a larger one. In the context of mimoLive, the PIP layer provides an intuitive way to add this effect to your live broadcasts, recordings, or streams.

How to add a pip layer to my mimoLive document?

  1. Launch mimoLive and open your desired project.
  2. Navigate to the Layers Stack panel.
  3. Click the “+” button to add a new layer.
  4. From the dropdown list, select PIP
Screenshot 2023 08 08 at 22.43.24

Configuring the PIP Layer

  1. Layer Variants Add variants with the “+” below the preview window
  2. Triggers Add hotkeys to toggle the Layer states and Layer Variants
  3. Control: Do Shrink ON/OFF
    You can switch the layer to to fullscreen mode.
  4. PIP Selection: Once you’ve added the PIP layer, you’ll need to select the sources. Typically, there’s a main source (background) and a PIP source (foreground). Assign each source as required.
  5. Transition: Decide if you want the PIP window to fade in, slide in, or change to fullscreen, and set the duration for this transition.
  6. Geometry: Adjust the position of your PIP window by dragging it around the preview. You can also resize it using the corner handles.
Screenshot 2023 08 08 at 22.47.17

Tips for Effective PIP Usage

  • Composition: Ensure that the content in the PIP window doesn’t obscure critical information in the main video.
  • Consistency: If using PIP frequently throughout a broadcast, keep its position and size consistent unless there’s a need to change.
  • Quality: Ensure that the content in the PIP is of high quality. Blurry or pixelated content can be distracting.

With mimoLive’s intuitive interface and robust PIP capabilities, creating professional-looking broadcasts with layered content becomes a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, the PIP layer is a valuable tool in your mimoLive toolkit.

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