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Using facebook live producer for comments

Table of Contents

This is an alternative method of including comments from Facebook in a mimoLive production.


As of April 2021, mimoLive 5.10.1b3 can read Facebook comments via the built-in Social Media source, but they are anonymised unless the viewer ads mimoLive to their “Business Integration”. While we work with Facebook to hopefully fix this in the future, the method shown here gives you access to the comments including name and avatar of the commenter.

Facebook now provides broadcast graphics in the form of a transparent web page. The graphics can be controlled from the Facebook Live Producer and displayed in mimoLive with the help of the Web Browser Capture source. One element this graphics package provides, is the ability to display comments.

Watch a quick tutorial on facebook:

Finding the Facebook Live Producer

The first thing is to find the Live Producer.

  • If you set up a scheduled live stream in Facebook, you will already have used the Facebook Live Producer and you can proceed to set up the graphics in advance.
  • If you use the mimoLive Facebook integration to start an ad-hoc live stream, you will have to go to the Live Producer page for that live stream.

You can access the Live Producer via URL: https://facebook.com/live/producer/videoID

You need to replace videoID with the actual ID of your live stream. You can find it by looking at the URL of your live stream on Facebook:

c09abc07 75eb 4416 afda 3a2efad9d976

Once you open the Live Video Producer, find the “Graphics” tab:

8ea07315 1e64 42cd b9ca f4a9ddd23f7d

Then, click on “Select a graphics package” and choose one that you like. This choice defines the look of the graphics:

42327b3d 2d43 464a a7a1 3937f452b54d

Next, click “Continue”:

02aeca49 4810 487d bc96 12e032b6f150

Facebook now creates and displays a “Graphics URL”. Copy this to the clipboard.

573d99b3 293e 4dbc 920b 957c817b936e

Switch to mimoLive, add a Web Browser Source and paste that URL into the URL field:

8ca70917 a7de 4000 ad39 a94c0fab91c6

Add a “Placer” Layer on top of your Layer stack, assign it the Web Browser source and switch it live:

1c98857d 9636 4b3b 98cd 43fa0e7fd081

mimoLive is now set up to receive the graphics from Facebook Live Producer.

Displaying comments

Once people start viewing your live stream, their comments will be displayed in the left column of the Live Producer. Right next to their comments there is a button with 3 dots which lets you access the commands:

b078ccbb 9d32 49ed b954 896900b71e54

Select “Public to Graphics”. This will push it into the Comments Queue and render it on the screen:

e11000bc c66a 48b2 8a9e a0a70c711214
4d5e63aa 593a 4ce4 a60a 282108504098

To remove the comment from the stream, click on “Unpublish”:

322bce24 2ceb 491e 9916 5287f9a4c5aa

There are many more features in the Live Producer Graphics package for you to explore. And keep in mind that the Live Producer doesn’t have to run on the same computer as mimoLive and the integration is through a URL that is valid anywhere on the Internet, so a separate person can operate this on your behalf.

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