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Third party collaborations

Table of Contents

Here are a few tools that will come in very handy for producers of live broadcasts using mimoLive.

Audio Tools

Loopback and Audio Hijack

Loopback by Rogue Amoeba is a great tool for routing audio to and from other applications. For example, you can use it with mimoLive to capture audio from a Zoom call. Audio Hijack, also from Rogue Amoeba, lets you capture sound from any source, whether it’s a YouTube video or a game. Both products are available as a convenient bundle. More Info on Loopback and Audio Hijack

mimoLive super user Gustavo Reis posted an excellent show case on how to use Audio Hijack to add audio processing to mimoLive in the forum.

Black Hole

The free open source software Black Hole is a simpler alternative to Loopback. It allows you to set up a simple virtual audio device to channel audio from one application to another. More Info…


Using the curiously named “Broadcast Using This Tool” free open source application, mimoLive can also stream to audio streaming servers using the SHOUTcast and Icecast protocols. Read more…

Video Tools

Video Pencil

Video Pencil, an iPad telestration app, enables users to swiftly sketch and annotate on videos. With an array of tools, effortlessly create captivating content by enhancing videos with personalized touches, highlights, or visual stories—perfect for content creators, educators, and casual users. Read more…


ZoomISO turns your Zoom call into a number of separate video feeds, making your production independent of the automatic layout created by the regular Zoom client. This means that every caller has their own feed. ZoomISO sends video to mimoLive via NDI from a separate computer, or saves resources with Syphon when used on the same Mac. More Info…

Automation Tools

Beat Sheet

The Beat Sheet application for MacOS is especially useful if you are recording or streaming a scripted show. As well as being a script creation tool, it is also your supercharged teleprompter and can control mimoLive to switch to a Layer Set at the appropriate point in your script, helping you to automate your recording or stream. Read More…

Keyboard Maestro

More than just a keyboard macro tool, Keyboard Maestro allows you to use MIDI devices with mimoLive via TouchOSC and OSCulator. It can also be used to program sequences and use external events to trigger mimoLive. This very versatile tool can act as the glue between mimoLive and a lot of things. More Info…

Virtual Video Director

The Windows application Virtual Video Director from the New Zealand company Noise Productions Ltd. can be used to control mimoLive on your Mac via the http API. It includes tools for automatic camera switching based on audio.. More Info…

Remote Control Tools

Internet Clicker

If you’re having a speaker join your show via mimoCall and you want the best quality recording of their PowerPoint slides, Internet Clicker allows you to run their slides on your computer while they control them over the Internet from their remote location. More Info…


This tool allows you to easily punch a hole in the Internet and control mimoLive remotely via the HTTP API and Remote Control Surfaces by creating a private on-demand VPN between the remote mimoLive computer and your computer. More info…

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