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Weather forecast

Table of Contents

This mimoLive tutorial will explain how to configure the build-in Weather Forecast template in mimoLive.

Creating a new Document from the Weather Forecast Template

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  • Launch mimoLive. The New Document window will open up and let you select either a Template or choose from recently opened documents. If you don’t see the New Document window please choose “mimoLive > New…” in the main menu.
  • Find the “Weather Forecast” template in the list of templates and select it. A sheet will open up at the bottom of the New Document window showing additional options.
  • You need to specify the frame rate and the dimensions you want the video to be. It’s reasonable to go with 30fps and a 720p dimension.
  • Click on the “Create New Document” button in the lower right corner. A new mimoLive document window will open up with lots of pre-configured layers.
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Configuring the New Weather Forecast Document

In order to make the document work, you need to set up the main camera as well as the applied chromakey filter.

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  • Find the Main Camera in the most left Sources Repository and select it.
  • Make sure the “Video Device” popup shows the correct camera of your setup.
  • Check if the “Audio Device” is the one you want to capture. If you make noise a green volume indicator will react below.
  • Click on the action gear right next to the Chroma Keying Basic video filters label on top of the video source. This will open up a control panel to adjust the chroma key.

If you don’t have a chromakey background then you can remove the filter by clicking on the “x” button that will appear if you hover over the filter entry with the mouse cursor.

  • Let an anchorman step into the scene and hit the “Auto Adjust” button at the top of the panel. If you are not happy with the estimated parameters you can adjust them manually.
  • Head over to the Layer Stack in the next right column and click on the “Lower Third” layer. The layer will get a yellow boundary indicating that it is the one that’s parameters will be shown in the parameters column right next to it.
  • In the parameter column, you can change the title of the anchorman from “John Doe” to the correct name of your anchorman. Notice the immediate change in the layer preview above as well as the Program output in the upper right corner of the mimoLive document.
  • Switch the control type from “Manual” to “Automatic”. This means that the layer will shut down itself after a certain time.
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  • If you want to adjust the weather data you can configure the “Weather Map” layer and the “Weather Forecast” layer accordingly. For a first trial, this is not necessary.
  • Save the document by clicking “File > Save as…” in the main menu. A drop-down sheet will ask for a name for the document and a location where to save it to.

Record a Weather Forecast Show

Now everything should be set up for your first recording.

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  • Let the anchorman do their job.
  • After a while click on the Live button right next to the Lower Third layer in the Layer Stack. The anchorman’s name will appear in the Program Out.
  • Once the Weather Forecast show is over click on the Stop Show button at the top of the document window again. The File Recording Output Destination will turn to green and a new window will pop up containing a list of the recent recordings.
  • Double click on the topmost line in the Recent Recordings window in order to open the just recorded Weather Forecast Show in QuickTime player for playback.

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