How to switch scenes with mimoLive?

You may use the Layer Stack only for basic scene setups. With Layer Variants and custom keystrokes, it is possible to broadcast a late-night TV show but with the use of Layer Sets mimoLive offers scene control. Read this article to understand how to make complex mimoLive setups easier to control and save computing resources.

mimoLive Layer Set Scene Layout

The concept of Layer Sets was introduced to handle combinations of Layer Variants by single click/keystrokes. Layer Sets save certain states of layers and load them on clicks/keystrokes.
A Layer Set stores the exact state of every layer in the document. A Layer Set allows saving the current state of all layers. After alternating and changing parameters, the layer-set can reset all layers to the saved state with a single click/keystroke.

The use of Layer Sets reduces the total amount of layers used in a complex layout. Layer Sets have two benefits. First, the use saves computing power resources because mimoLive does the same with fewer layers in total. Second, controlling Layer Sets is easier and faster to operate and control for the broadcasting director. Handling the show gets much easier.

What are Layer Sets?

Layer Sets are a great way to control the live state of multiple layers at once also known as Scenes. You are able to switch on or off certain layers with a single mouse click or keystroke. Layer Sets can also be triggered by the Remote Control Surface or the Show Start event.

Layer Sets are shown below the Layer Stack:

Creating a Layer Set

If you are happy with the current live state of your layers you can click on the “+” button in the top right corner of the Layer Sets list (below the Layer Stack). The current Layer stack live states are stored in a new set.

Deleting a Layer Set

To remove a Layer Set you need to select it in the Layer Set List below the Layer Stack. Once its selected click on the “-” button in the upper right corner of Layer Set List.

Recalling a Layer Set

If you have defined different Layer Sets you can recall the state of all Layers by activating the Layer Set. There are different ways to trigger a recall of a Layer Set:

- You can click on the “Recall” button of a Layer Set.
- You can assign a keyboard short cut for each Layer Set and hit those buttons.
- In the Remote Control Surface you can specify a custom action for a button that will trigger a Layer Set.
- If you toggle the “Start Show” button in the main window this can also trigger a Layer Set.

Finetuning a Layer Set

When you click on the action gear button at a Layer Set you will get a popover window revealing details of the Layer Set like its name, assigned keyboard shortcut, possible event triggers and the actions that are performed for each layer.

General Settings

In the upper part of the Layer Set configuration window, you can specify a name for the Layer Set so you can easily remember what this Layer Set is meant to do. (You can also change the Name of a Layer Set by double-clicking its name label in the Layer Set List.)

With the keyboard shortcut recorder, you are able to define a certain key combination that will recall this Layer Set.

The “on Show Start” and “on Show End” options can be used to trigger this Layer Set if you click the Start/Stop Show Button in the main document window to start or stop your show.

Layer Actions

Whenever you create a Layer Set the current live state of all layers in the Layer Stack gets captured. But in certain layer setups, you rather want to let some layers untouched if you recall this Layer Set.
Or you don’t want to wait for the out transition of a layer to happen if it will get switched off by a Layer Set. Therefore you can finetune the behavior for each layer when recalling a specific Layer Set. There are four options to choose from what will happen with each layer in a Layer Set:

No Action This layer won’t be altered by this Layer Set.
Live This layer will be switched to live if not already done so.
Off This layer will be turned off. If a layer has an out transition (e.g. moving away from the Lower Third text) this outro will be performed.
Force Off This layer will be turned off immediately. A possible out transition will be skipped.

Best Practice

A Layer Set controls the entire Layer Stack or only a part of the layers in the Layer Stack. A Layer Set leaves the state of a layer untouched if set to “No Action”. In this case these layers marked as “No action” keep their current states.


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