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Axis controller

Table of Contents

The AXIS Controller layer can be used to remote control AXIS IP Cameras equipped with PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom).

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Setting Up The AXIS Controller Layer

In order to be able to control an AXIS IP camera you need to establish a TCP connection to it. Make sure that your mimoLive computer is connected to the internet (or the same LAN as you IP Camera) and the camera is reachable by an fixed IP number. You need to enter the IP number of your camera into the IP Number field in the Camera section in layer settings.

Once you switched the layer live the connection status will be displayed in the upper left corner of the layer preview.

For your connivence you can assign a video source (e.g. a Motion-JPEG source) to the layer. This video source will be displayed in the layers preview and is for reference use only.


The AXIS Controller layer don’t display the image of the camera in the program out!

Because the AXIS Controller layer is only for controlling the PTZ features of the camera it doesn’t display the image of it in the program output. You will need to have another layer (e.g. a Placer layer) in order to incorporate the video image of the AXIS camera in your video production.

Controlling Pan-Tilt-Zoom

If you switched live the layer and a connection to the AXIS camera could be established you are able to control the camera in the layer preview with your mouse cursor. There are two modes available in the Camera section of the layer settings:

  • Click To Center: If you click on the layer preview image the AXIS camera will recenter itself to the click point.
  • Drag To Move: You need to click and hold down the mouse button to drag the AXIS camera to a new position. Please take in account that there may be a delay and you won’t see the movement of the camera in real time.

By holding down the alt key you can switch to the oppose mode. E.g. if you have setup the Mode to “Click To Center” then the alt key will change the mode to “Drag To Move” temporarily.

Save And Recall a Camera Position

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If you need to come back to a certain camera position often you can save this position in the layer setting with the “Save” button in the “Home Position” section of the layer settings. The “Recall” button let the camera come back to this position. You may also edit the values manually in the input fields below the buttons if you need adjust them.

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If you have multiple areas of interest you can create multiple layer variants for this AXIS Controller layer with different Home Positions each (see Layers, Settings and Variants). Now you can switch those layer variants in the layer stack (or assign different keyboard short cuts for each layer variant) which will let the camera move to the stored Home Position.

Face Tracking

The AXIS Controller layer is able to do face tracking for single faces. If you switched on the “Face Tracking” option in the layers setting the AXIS controller will follow a presenters face if it can find one in the provided video preview. Depending on the power of your computer you may switch the Accuracy option from “normal” to “high”. This will help if the face is smaller in the video.

*The Face Tracking feature is implemented in mimoLive and it works even if the used AXIS camera is not capable of doing face tracking on its own.

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