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Manual – Table of Content

Overlay graphics generator template

Table of Contents

Play out various graphic elements to your broadcast switcher using key/fill with a supported Blackmagic Design output device or through NDI®. The template contains a small selection of the many different layers that mimoLive contains so you can get started quickly with testing your setup.

Overlay Graphics Generator

When playing out with SDI key/fill or NDI, mimoLive preserves transparency. You can use transparent PNGs or video files in ProRes4444 as backgrounds or media to support transparency. For an example on how to create transparent ProRes4444 with Adobe After Effects for use with mimoLive, read Creating Animated Lower Thirds With Adobe After Effects.

This template includes the following layers:

  • Analog Clock – Displays an analog clock showing the current time. You can customize the look of the clock by creating a custom background and changing the color of the hands.
  • Graph 3D – Draw an animated 3D graph of data. This demo layer shows how layers can be used to visualize data. Custom layers can be created to match the exact nature of the data.
  • News Crawler – The classic chyron used in many news broadcasts. This layer can take an RSS feed, an external text file or the contents of a text field to display data. The text can also be changed via Remote Control Surface remotely in real time. Read more…
  • Overshoulder Insert – One way to add a picture or a video that appears over the shoulder of the anchor with a headline below.
  • Weather Forecast – A complex layer with up to 10 day weather forecast and 3D animation. Can be customized in many ways and may also be used to show other information.
  • Outro – A sample taken from the Stingers & Outros template.
  • “Table” – Another way to display data. Can be used to show standings in a contest or player statistics.
  • Lower Third – The classic graphics element normally used to identify people on screen. This sample is taken from the Lower Third Playground which has some ready to use designs. Change the font and color easily to match the required CI. mimoLive also has both the more complex Lower Third Pro and easier to use single design lower third layers available for you.
  • Station Logo – Branding is important and the Station Logo layer lets you put your logo on screen quickly.
  • “Made with mimoLive” – Another example of what’s possible to create with a custom layer. The advantage of this over a rendered video file is that you can use it in any resolution you want without re-rendering it and it takes much less processing power than playing a video file of the same size.

Features not shown

To keep the size of this template small, we have not included demos of the following:

  • Playing video files – Simply drag any file you want to play out with mimoLive from the Finder to the Sources column. Then drag it to the Layer Stack to create a Placer layer. Then click “Live” to play the file.
  • Playing audio files – Similar to playing video files, but dragging the file to the Layer Stack creates and Audio Only layer that plays the audio.
  • Audio and Video playlistsPlaylists for Sponsor logos or music are easy to create and can be used in any layer to place them on screen.

There are also a lot more things to explore, from complex sports graphics to automation.

How to use the template

To play out with a Blackmagic Design device, simply install the Blackmagic Desktop Video software, connect the device and select the proper settings in the Blackmagic Design Output Destination:

blackmagic design output destination

To turn the playout on, you need to click on the “Live” Button at the top right corner of the Output Destination.

Overlay Graphics Generator

To make your transparent output stream available on the local network via NDI, simply click on the live button in the NDI® Output Destination.

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